Yoshino is a character in the videogame Misao (videogame).

Death Edit

Yoshino was the leader of the bullies at the school who aimed her meanness thowards Misao because she was jealous at her since Tohma was in love with Misao and not her. She spread the word about Misao being in love with Tohma to bully her, but the plan eventually backfired when she learned that Tohma was in love with Misao too and therefore she started to bully her for no reasons at all, even going so far as locking her inside the toilet so a guy could rape her.

After a while, Misao disappears without any traces, and Yoshino belives that Misao realesed a curse at them since spooky things starts to happen in the school. Her Tohma, Kudoh and Satome starts to belive her, and Tohma points out that the curse might be aimed at Yoshino since she bullied her the worst, but Yoshino says that she didn't bully her, only made a little fun of her.

She proves to be right about the curse, as an earthquake occurs sending the students flying through the school. This earthquake also transports the school to another world. After the earthquake stops, one of Yoshino's classmates Aki learns that Misao's curse is aimed at the four people Misao hated the most when she were alive, Yoshino being one of them.

After Satome is killed by a monster, Aki finds Yoshino inside a sience lab strapped to a operation board beginning for her life. At first, Aki refuses to help her, but eventually agrees to do so when Yoshino apologizes for her actions and promises to not bully anyone again. However, before Aki can free Yoshino, the sientist returns with a chainsaw, causing Ari to hide inside the body of another dead patient. As she hides inside the corpse, she hears how Yoshino screams in terror when the mad scientist kills her using the chainsaw. When the scientist finally leaves, Aki emerges from the corpse and seeing nothing more than parts of Yohino's head and a giant blood puddle. She apologizes with a giggle for not saving her and runs off to find more of Misao's parts.

Later on, Aki travels to the after world to save the deceased victims. When she finds Yoshino, she is kicked repedtly by three Misaos and begs for mercy. Yoshino is saved from death when her will to live is strong and is later renborn as a baby.