Wade Garrett is Dalton's best friend and fellow bouncer at the Double Deuce. And so it is that when Dalton kills Jimmy, Brad Wesley decides to retaliate against the impertinent newcomers.

The following morning, Dalton walks into the Double Deuce and answers the phone. It's Wesley.

"Top of the morning to you," he greets him. "Well, here's what's on for today. Wade or Elizabeth."

"What?" Dalton asks, clearly as confused as the audience.

"One of them dies," Wesley cheerily answers. "Now, who will it be? Hmm? I'll just have to flip a coin."

At his mansion, Wesley just precisely that, bit we don't see if it was heads or tails. Without bothering to tell Dalton the result he hangs up on him. Back at the Double Deuce, Wade staggers in, bloodied from a scuffle with Wesley's men. Wade tells him to sit down and have a beer, he'll be right back.

Before he leaves, Dalton explains, "Wesley wins, man. We're outta here."

Wade seems to like this idea, since it'll mean less gang beatings. After going and checking on Elizabeth at the hospital to make sure she's okay, Dalton returns to the bar to find Wade lying on the counter with his back to him.

Apparently having forgotten Wesley's threat, he smiles, thinking Wade's asleep. He's in for an ugly surprise, though, when he gives him a shake to wake him up. Wade rolls over revealing a large hunting knife stuck in his stomach.

The knife is being used to pin a handwritten note to the corpse: "It was tails."