Against all odds, a gang of ruthless Russian terrorists intent upon freeing their leader, General Radek, have taken over Air Force One.

After a fierce firefight between the terrorists and the Secret Service, two agents managed to bundle President Marshall into an escape pod. As far as the villains are concerned, the President is no longer aboard. The rest of the passengers, including the First Lady and her daughter, are rounded up and put in the plane's conference room for safekeeping.

Terrorist leader Ivan Korshunov assigns his friend Vladimir Krasin to guard them. Krasin sits outside the conference room acting bored. However, Marshall only pretended to get aboard the escape pod, and with the terrorists thinking him escaped, he is able to sneak around unmolested for the time being. Intent on freeing the hostages, Marshall lures Krasin into a side room by turning up the volume on a television set playing a football game.

When Krasin comes to investigate, Marshall leaps out from behind a chair and attacks him. The two fight, and Marshall manages to overpower the Russian and knock him out with a stool, before grabbing both his machine gun and the keys to the conference room.

Before he can open the doors however, Krasin recovers and shoots at the President with a pistol. He misses (presumably due to being disoriented from the bludgeoning), and Marshall reflexively whirls and fires into Krasin with his own gun, killing him.