Vic Hoskins is an InGen security expert spearheading the company's efforts to train Velociraptors. Ostensibly, he works for Mr. Masrani since InGen is now a subsidiary of Masrani Global, but in reality, Hoskins is out for himself. A very old-fashioned sort who still believes in using animals for warfare, Hoskins is convinced that raptors can be trained to seek out and kill enemy combatants.

Owen Grady, the man Hoskins has hired to train the four raptors Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie, warns him that this is a bad idea, but Hoskins will hear none of it. Complicating matters is the fact that despite Hoskins admiring the raptors, the feeling isn't mutual. In fact, the dinosaurs outright despise him, snarling and freaking out whenever he's nearby, particularly Delta. It doesn't help that he consistently gets their genders wrong, referring to the female dinosaurs as "he" and "boy."

When Jurassic World's latest "asset" (dinosaur), the Indominus rex, escapes from her paddock, Hoskins sees an opportunity to prove his theory. He approaches Masrani with the idea of unleashing the raptors to hunt and kill the I-rex. Masrani is having none of it, though, and ends up getting killed trying to use a helicopter to deal with the escaped dinosaur himself.

Masrani's death allows Hoskins, who has made a deal with Jurassic World's chief geneticist Henry Wu, to take over, forcing Owen to agree to let his raptors get used against Indominus, backed up by InGen-employed soldiers Hoskins has flown in. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Indominus has Velociraptor DNA, and she is able to convince Blue and her sisters to turn against the humans. After a fierce battle that sees Charlie and almost all of the soldiers killed, Hoskins abandons his original plan and begins thinking about escape.

After ensuring that Wu and the head InGen contractor get away aboard a helicopter, Hoskins goes into the lab at the Innovation Center to collect the records of Wu's work. It's at this point that Owen enters with Claire Dearing and her nephews. Feeling cocky, Hoskins begins droning on about how now InGen doesn't need Masrani Global anymore, and can become a corporate powerhouse once again.

He's halfway through explaining how InGen can engineer a smaller version of the Indominus rex when Delta enters the room, interrupting him. Terrified, Hoskins backs away, mumbling, "Nice boy!" He attempts to mimic the hand signals Owen uses to command the animals, but doesn't do it correctly, and Delta promptly bites Hoskins' hand off. He screams. The others run from the room as Delta leaps onto Hoskins and begins mauling him, with a filing cabinet conveniently blocking the audience's view of Hoskins' grisly demise. We do however see a generous helping of blood splatter all over the window, though.