Even though this guy is just another faceless soldier amongst Colonel Dietrich's men, his demise is definitely one of the highlights of this film.


He's the guy closest to the camera on the left.

Indy has taken possession of the truck transporting the Ark of the Covenant from Tanis to Cairo. The German soldiers in the back of the truck are led by this guy, referred to in the script as "The Tough Sergeant."


Indy hijacks the truck.


This displeases the sergeant.

He decides to take matters into his own hands and several of his men make failed attempts to climb onto the sides, but all are knocked off, although one manages to make it to the outside of the cab and shoot Indy in the arm before he falls off.

The last remaining soldier, the sergeant, proving to be infinitely more intelligent than his comrades were (he isn't called "Tough Sergeant" in the script for nothing!), climbs over the top of the truck and then swings down into the cab, knocking Indy out from behind the wheel.


The sergeant climbs up towards the cab.

The two fistfight, the sergeant overpowering Indy by punching the bullet wound on his arm, before tossing Indy straight through the windshield.


Take that, Indy's arm!

Poor Indy tumbles over the hood and ends up hanging onto the grille following a comical moment where the hood ornament breaks off when he grabs it. Riding in a Mercedes convertible ahead of the truck with Belloq and Toht, Dietrich (if my German is any good) yells for the sergeant to speed up and squish Indy between the vehicles. The sergeant complies, but Indy pulls a fancy if painful-looking move by climbing under the truck and then coming up at the back.

Climbing back aboard, he makes his way back to the cab to pay the soldier back. The poor sergeant is taken by surprise, despite Belloq's very helpful cry of "He's there!" and helpfully pointing out Indy's exact location to him, and Indy punches him across the face.



Climbing into the cab, over the dazed Nazi, Indy retakes the wheel and then grabs the sergeant and begins to slam him against the dashboard repeatedly (either that or he's really insistent that he check the odometer). Indy hurls him through the already broken windshield. Like Indy before him, the sergeant falls over the hood of the truck and ends up clinging to the grille.


What goes around...


...comes around!

However, since he isn't the hero, the grille gives way under the sergeant's weight and he falls in front of the truck, whereupon he is instantly run over and flattened in a not entirely convincing special effect.


He just wasn't tough enough.