Thomas "Tommy" Ryan is a character in the 1997 movie Titanic (1997) played by Jason Berry.
Tommy Titanic

Tommy Ryan at the Titanic.

Character Death Edit

Tommy Ryan is an irish 3rd-class passager who befriended Jack Dawson and Fabrizio during his journey on Titanic. He is seen at the third class party, drinking, smoking and having fun with his friends. When the ship starts to sink, he together with Fabrizio, Jack and Rose tries to get to the poop deck, only to be blocked by a gate. They break the gate using a bench, and then Tommy knocks the guard out. Later on, he and Fabrizio tries to find a lifeboat, and soon finds one guarded by Murdroch who refuses to let men on board. He then threatens to kill anyone who tries to get to it. One man tries and his immidatley killed by him. Soon afterwards, Tommy accidentally gets pushed fowards, and Murdroch (who thought he tried to get to the lifeboat) shots him in his left lung. As Tommy collapses and coughs up blood, Fabrizio angirly calls Murdroch a "bastardo" before taking Tommys lifejacket in order to survive. Tommy dies soon afterwards of his injuries. His corpse floats up on the rising water, but is pulled onto the a-deck promenade, forever lost in the sea.

Trivia Edit

  • In reality, First Officer Murdroch did not kill anybody, and also, he did not commit suicide afterwards.

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