Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a The Penguin is a Batman character played by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns (1992)

Death Edit

After Batman ruins his chances to become Gotham City's mayor, he decides to drown every first born male child in the whole town, feeling jealous of them. When this fails too, he decides to launch rockets from mind controlled penguins to blow Gotham City. When Batman appears, Penguin attacks him and claims that Batman is jealous of him, and that he is a genuine freak while Batman needs a mask which Batman accepts. After a brief fight, Penguin grabs the remote control and presses the button. The bombs hits the Christmas tree, causing the bats that earlier killed the Ice Princess to come out and attack the Penguin. Penguin backs away and accidentally falls through a window and into the toxic lake in his lair.

After a confrontation between Batman, Catwoman and Max Shreck, ending with a big explosion that kills Shreck, An unmasked Batman is searching for Catwoman who disappeared after the explosion. However, The Penguin suddenly emerges from the water, although very injured, bleeding from his mouth. He gets up from the pool and walks thowards Batman, who doesn't notice him until he pulls an umbrella from his collection.

However, the umbrella is revealed to be a cute one (one of the umbrellas used to trick the children into the lair), and drops it.

He then complains about the heat and tells Batman that he will murder him momenterly, and that he needs a cool drink of ice water. After that, he falls to the floor, dead, as he eventually died of his injuries and the poison from the pool.

After that, six penguins emerges from the shadow and slowly pulls Penguin's body into the water, were it sinks to the bottom in a cloud of his own blood.