The Joker is the main villain of the movie Batman which premiered in 1989. He was played by Jack Nicholson.

Death Edit

Jack Napier was a small-time gangster whose face turned white, lips turned red and hair turned green after falling into a vat of chemicals when fighting against Batman. Thanks to this, Jack takes the name "The Joker" and hatches a plan to get revenge on the caped crusador for his broken face. After a lot of events, Joker kidnaps the love intrest of Batman's alter ego (Vicki Vale), and takes her to the top of the Gotham Cathedral. Batman soon finds him, and they start to fight. During the fight, Batman punches Joker over the edge of the cathedral, and when he and Vicki moves closer to see if he died, Joker suddenly grabs and throws them both over the edge. However, Batman manages to hold onto the edge of the roof. As Joker remarks "Sometimes, I'm just killing myself!"; he tries to escape the scene by climbing up to his helicopter, however, Batman shoots a wire, which wraps around Joker's legs, while the other side of the wire wraps onto a heavy gargoyle on the cathedral. As the Joker struggles to get up to his helicopter, the gargoyle suddenly breaks. The weight of the statue causes Joker to lose his grip of the ladder, and he falls to his death into the alley below.

Later, Jim Gordon approches his body, and sees that the clown prince of crime is smiling even in death.