Saurod is one of the mercenaries working for Skeletor. A thin reptilian creature wearing gold armor, he's one of the four who are chosen to go to Earth to kill the Eternian heroes, abduct He-Man and retrieve the errant Cosmic Key. Unlike his cackling blue-skinned cartoon counterpart, this Skeletor isn't one who suffers fools easily, or incompetent stooges.

And considering Beastman is the only one of the mercenaries familiar to audiences who've watched the cartoon, what eventually befalls Saurod is probably the reason why Skeletor has so many new henchmen and we don't see guys like Trap-Jaw and Tri-Clops. Before sending the mercenaries away, he warns his underlings darkly, "Do no fail me!"

Anyway, Saurod goes to Earth as part of a team that also includes Karg, Beastman and Blade and a couple of expendable trooper guys. Karg acts as the leader and is pretty terrible at it, meaning that the mercenaries end up chasing after pretty much the first Earthling they encounter, high school student Julie Winston, thinking she knows where the Cosmic Key is.

In so doing they run right into He-Man and friends thanks to the magic of plot contrivances. Despite outnumbering the good guys, the group loses every single trooper they brought with them, gets their butts kicked pretty thoroughly, and Karg orders a hasty and somewhat premature retreat back to Eternia.

Returning to Eternia and marching into Skeletor's throne room, the mercenaries commit mistake number one, which is interrupting an, um, private moment between Skeletor and his lady friend Evil-Lyn.


Now there's four guys who realize they screwed up...

Mistake number two is made by Karg. As leader, he has to report their dismal performance, and his attempts to (poorly) embellish what happened to make it seem like they fought heroically rather than turning tail and running off the second things started going badly for them only tick Skeletor off further.


Skeletor is unhappy.


Karg tries to spin a tale and fails miserably.

Rising from his throne in a fury, the villain hisses, "You are all aware of the penalty for failure!"

Blade begs for another chance.

"I am not in a giving vein this day!" Skeletor responds primly, and raises his hand.

Mistake number four is made by our pal Saurod.


Saurod realizes he's screwed.

Even though it was Blade who spoke, and he who Skeletor is seemingly focusing his rage on, Saurod instinctively goes for his holstered laser pistol. Noticing this, Skeletor suddenly switches targets.




"Oh, no, cartoon special effects, my one weakness!"

Saurod has barely gotten the gun out of its holster before red lightning from Skeletor's fingertips flies out, hitting him, whereupon he shrieks in agony and convulses like he's trying to invent a new Eternian dance craze, as reddish light envelopes him and he disappears.