Satipo is a character in Raiders of the Lost Ark, played by Alfred Molina.


There should be a Darwin Award for this guy. One of Indiana Jones' (naturally) treacherous Peruvian guides in South America, Satipo holds off betraying his employer as long as he can, not siding with Barranca when the former pulls a gun on the American, and Indy even helps him out of a couple of scrapes inside the ancient temple. But as soon as the mystical golden idol is in his hands, the chump runs off and leaves Indy to die.

But he's Indiana fuckin' Jones so he doesn't die, so he doesn't oblige Satipo and remain trapped, narrowly escaping the collapsing ruins, only to discover that in his zeal to vamoose with the idol, poor, poor Satipo forgot all about the spike trap that they'd encountered on the way in and went and got himself all impaled right alongside Indy's old rival Forrestal. Picking up the idol from where the very dead guide dropped it, Indy politely tips his hat to his onetime colleague and bids him, "Adios, Sapito." How 'bout that? Indy didn't even get his name right! Treacherous native guides need respect, too, Indy!