Russ is a security guard at the hospital where Mason Storm has been in a coma for seven years. When the villainous Senator Trent learns of Storm's awakening, he sends crooked cop and hitman Jack Axel to take care of business. Axel disguises himself as a doctor and waltzes right in, but Russ is suspicious because he doesn't recognize him.

He follows Axel to the coma ward and finds him looking at patients' charts, and asks to see his ID. Axel has a silenced handgun, but keeps it hidden behind his back as he approaches the hapless guard who's just trying to do his duty.

"You can never have too much security," Axel quips, the whips the gun out from behind his back.

Russ, to his credit, actually has fast reaction time, and goes for his own holstered sidearm, but, alas, Axel is quicker, and promptly guns the poor guard down.