One of the local thugs hired by Toht in Nepal, this offensively-nicknamed (in the credits anyway) evildoer played by a white stuntman in Asian makeup probably has the nastiest death out of all of the guys in the bar shootout.

Because he overturned a table of whiskey glasses to use as cover, he ends up spilling alcohol everywhere, allowing Indy (somehow) shoot some logs in the fireplace so that they roll flaming over to where the Nepalese gunman is crouched. This ignites the spilled whiskey and him, too, somehow. Because "stop, drop and roll" hadn't been invented yet, the gunman's response to being set alight is to jump to his feet and flail his arms around until Indy shoots him in the face. It's quite bloody and we even get to watch him slowly sink to the ground while on fire with blood fountaining from his face.