Autobot medic Ratchet is another one of Ironhide's shuttle crew who falls to the Decepticon boarding party. Along with Ironhide, he lasts the longest out of the four heroic robots after the death of Prowl. After taking cover behind their chairs, the two leap out and just begin unloading everything they've got at their enemies, with Ratchet in particular dual-wielding a pair of laser pistols Old West style.



Sadly, it doesn't save him. He and Ironhide are pelted by a barrage of laser fire from Starscream and the Constructicons.


The medic needs a medic!

Smoking but still refusing to fall, they teeter, and Starscream marches over and uses Megatron in gun form to just keep relentlessly shooting the until finally they keel over dead.


Now he needs an undertaker!

Or at least Ratchet does.