Needing to get a message to Admiral Rolland, Smith and the gang head up to the Schloss Adler's radio room while Schaffer booby traps the corpse-littered dining room with dynamite.

He finishes and catches up to the group to discover they not only haven't sent the message, but haven't even entered the radio room. They're hiding in a closet across the hall. Smith, whispering, draws Schaffer's attention to the reason why: there's a German radioman in the room, rockin' to some of the best polka music 1940s Germany had to offer.

Getting the idea, Schaffer draws his knife and enters. As he sneaks up behind his prey, his approach is masked by the music. As he gets near, though, the music on the radio sputzes out, and, try as he might, the annoyed operator can't get it to play correctly, and finally he turns it off in exasperation. In so doing, he hears Schaffer's foot on the floorboard creak.

Turning, he is confused to see a stranger in the same uniform as him holding a knife. For some reason, Schaffer hesitates, apparently trying to think up a good excuse (although why he doesn't just lunge at the guy right then is never gone into). Seeing Smith in the doorway with his gun drawn, he puts two and two together, and lunges for the alarm. Smith fires past Schaffer, hitting the operator multiple times in the back.

But the polka-lovin' Nazi is a trouper, and manages to successfully hit the alarm button before succumbing to multiple bullet wounds.