Summoned to fly the Ark of the Covenant from Egypt to Germany, this Nazi pilot guy is just minding his own business when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an action scene wherein Indiana Jones has to fistfight an enormous bald Nazi mechanic because reasons. Not content to be a passive spectator, the pilot ducks into his cockpit and reappears with a Walther P38 and begins making numerous attempts to shoot our plucky unshaven hero, but the overeager mechanic keeps getting in the way, forcing the pilot to hold his fire lest he kill his own friend. Ape shall not kill ape! It is ape l--I mean Nazi shall not kill Nazi! It is Nazi law!

Alas, it's while he's waiting for the mechanic to move so he can get a shot in that Indy's girlfriend Marion sneaks up behind him and uses the plane's chocks to whack 'im upside the head. He falls onto the controls, starting the plane up. Marion winds up locked inside with him when she climbs inside in an effort to take over and the canopy slams shut and locks for some reason. The plane, taxiing around the airfield, knocks some nozzles loose from a fuel truck that begins pouring gasoline everywhere.

When a truckload of Nazi soldiers arrives, Marion, taking control of the plane's guns, shoots at them, but accidentally blows up some fuel drums, starting a fire that soon spreads to the lake of fuel spewing from the tanker truck. Said fuel catches fire and also flows underneath the slowly moving plane.

After the mechanic gets diced by the prop, Indy frees Marion from the cockpit and the two run away together. abandoning the unconscious pilot, who doesn't merit a heroic rescue, still slumped over the controls to an incendiary death when the lake of gas underneath the plane finally alights and blows the entire thing to smithereens.