Peter is a character from the 2012 movie Fjällbackamorden - Vänner för livet.

Death Edit

In the 80's, a preteen boy named Peter along with his friends (in various ages) is climbing on the mountains. One of Peter's friends dares him to jump over a wide cliff (with a river down below) which he accepts. He succeds in doing the jump, but his glasses is knocked off and falls down a cliff, leaving him unable to see correctly. His friends encourages him to walk over a plank lying between the two mountains, and Peter is first uncertain if he wants to because he cannot  see without his glasses, but his friends reassures that they will help him over. He starts to walk over the plank, but when he has walked about half the way, he accidentally takes a wrong step because of his poor eyesight and falls into the river down below, the fall appearntly kills him.

His friends later swear that no one can know about what happened to Peter and agrees to spread a rumor that Peter was lost during the trip, however many years later, the truth eventually reached the public and caused the guys who dared Peter to go, to try to kill each other.