Our boy Otto here is a Gestapo agent working with Toht. During the bar shootout, when Indiana Jones' fight with one of their local hired goons, an enormous sherpa, ends in a draw with them fighting for possession of Indy's gun, an impatient Toht, proving he cares not a lick for the untermensch they're using as hired muscle, orders Otto: "Shoot them. Shoot them both."

Otto steps forward and dramatically cocks his machine gun, only for both Indy and the sherpa to grab for the gun they were fighting over at the same time.

Indy has the gun in hand and the sherpa pivots his arm around to aim at Otto, and Indy lets 'im have it, and because he's Indiana Jones, he naturally shoots the guy way more times than is necessary, but then again, when the guy you're attempting to put down has a machine gun vs. your pistol, you shoot until that man falls, folks. Apparently it was too violent to show, though, since all we see is Otto's shadow do a herky-jerky dance across the wall before the dead Nazi finally pitches in from offscreen to face-plant on the floor.