As he leaves the Geimeinschaft Bank in Switzerland, the man who only recently learned his name is Jason Bourne is joined on the elevator by another fellow who gives off some very bad vibes.

Sure enough, on their way down, the guy tries to pull a snub-nosed Smith & Wesson on him, and Bourne quickly disarms the would-be killer with some swift martial arts moves. He asks the assassin how many more are waiting for him downstairs.

The guy first tries to insist he doesn't speak English, and then says only one "in a silver Mercedes."

He's lying, though, as another assassin - Gold Glasses - is posing as the bank's receptionist at the front desk. As they arrive at the lobby, Bourne grabs the dazed killer and hauls him along with him. This puts the assassin between Bourne and the receptionist's desk. Gold Glasses suddenly takes out a suppressed Walther PPK and opens fire on Bourne with little regard for his colleague. The assassin from the elevator is hit multiple times in the back and serves as an unintentional human shield for Bourne, who escapes.