Lieutenant Max Eckhardt is the corrupt plainclothes officer who worked for Carl Grissom.

Early in the film, Eckhardt met with Jack Napier to receive his weekly bribe. When Jack tries to boss Eckhardt around and tell him to get rid of Harvey Dent, Eckhardt says, "I answer to Grissom, not to psychos."

"Why Eckhardt, you ought to think about the future," Jack intones, prompting the corrupt officer to mock his obvious aspirations for taking over Boss Grissom's syndicate.

Sometime later, Eckhardt is Grissom's go-to guy when he wants Jack rubbed out for sleeping with his arm-candy Alicia. Eckhardt and several other corrupt police officers storm Axis Chemicals and exchange gunfire with Jack and the hoods that are loyal to him.

The hit goes awry thanks to the appearance of both Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Having just confronted Batman, Napier is on a catwalk that grants him a strategic view of the entire factory, when he Jack happens to turn and see Eckhardt attempting to slip away.

"Eckhardt!" he calls out. Eckhardt, looking completely unconcerned, turns as Jack raises his revolver. "Think about the future!"

Jack pulls the trigger, firing, and Eckhardt flies back into some steam valves, dead with a single shot. This blatant murder finally brings the full wrath of the Batman down upon Jack.