Ostensibly, Anne-Marie Kernitser is in charge of of all of the Schloss Adler's servants, including especially the female staff. However she is also a trained nurse and torture expert, and on hand in the dining room to if necessary torture General Carnaby for the information the Nazis want.

She comes to a rather bad end.

Following the deaths of von Hapen, Kramer and Rosemeyer, Kernitser jumps up and runs towards the door, where Mary Ellison has just entered. Without the slightest hesitation, Schaffer shoots her in the back as she flees.

Some might take issue with the fact Kernitser is a woman and more importantly was unarmed and running away when she got killed, and these are all legitimate points, however Schaffer and Smith have already gunned down or stabbed numerous other Nazis in cold blood, and her death helps to showcase that they don't distinguish men from women when it comes to enemy troops. A female Nazi officer is still a Nazi officer, and therefore fair game. Plus, let's not forget she isn't some innocent victim, as she was going to torture poor General Carnaby!