Kudoh is a character in the game Misao (videogame)

Death Edit

Kudoh is a calm, early-maturing guy who is in the same school class as Misao. During the intro, he is seen talking with the other about the possible curse, but he is not pointed out as a possible victim to it.

Later on, a earthquake sweeps away the school to another world, presumbly sending Kudoh out from the school.

After Misao's classmate Aki finds both Satome and Yoshino dead, she finds a key and manages to get out from the building using the emergency door. She then finds Kudoh lying in the middle of the road, injuried in his legs after he fell while fleeing from a ghost. At first, Aki doesn't understand why Misao wanted revenge on him, but he then reveals that he was Misao's best friend when they were younger, but that he later turned his back at her when he got teased for playing at her, however, he still cared for her. Aki tries to help him, but before she can cross a road spare standing in her way, Misao's ghost appears and Kudoh begs for forgivness, telling her that he loves her. However, Misao simply says that she never liked him at all, and while Kudoh screams Misao's name as she is disappearing, he is runover and killed by a car which later crashes into the wall of the school. Kudoh's body is later found inside the car, dead.

Later on, Aki travels to the after life to save the deceased victims of the curse. She finds Kudoh surrended by Misao clones who yells insults to him, but he is later saved from death when his will to live is big enough and is reborn as a baby.