King Jabalani is the benovolent ruler of Tigora. This is enough to mean that he will be pushing up the daisies before too long, and sure enough, his younger brother, Prince Otwani, aspires to be King himself and so he makes arrangements for Jabalani to be assassinated during a banquet.

The plot involves a crossbow, which has been rigged up with some precision in the branches of a tree near the garden terrace where the banquet is being held. To ensure that he cannot be accused of foul play, Otwani has also used a distinctive arrow from the Zambouli tribe, in an attempt to lay the blame there.

As Jabalani rises to give a toast to his brother's football career, an arrow flies out of nowhere and hits him in the chest. He flops fowards onto the table and dies instantly. Jabalani's bride-to-be (and Otwani's co-conspirator), Countess Zanda, pulls the arrow out and declares, "It's a Zambouli arrow!" Before you can say "kangaroo court", two police officers arrive with the Shaman of the Zambouli, and it appears the crime has been solved.