Eric and his hired mercenaries, led by the ruthless Colonel Nsogbu, have just finished tranquilizing the female brontosaurus and ventilating the male with automatic gunfire.

A righteously angry George Loomis decides to intervene, and winds up with a rifle butt in his family jewels for his troubles. The nameless soldier who hit him asks Eric whether they're going to take him prisoner. "We do not take prisoners," the paleontologist replies.

The soldier, taking this to mean he should shoot George, prepares to do just that, when suddenly he's hit in the neck by an arrow that comes flying in from offscreen. An arrow fired, it turns out, by wisecracking native chief Cephu, who is in the nearby jungle with his warriors. Killed Soldier promptly dies, and his comrades scatter to engage Cephu's tribe in a brief skirmish, allowing George to discretely vamoose, likely feeling quite silly for thinking he could walk up to twenty-plus men with guns without fear of bodily harm.