After finding Wade Garrett murdered, a righteously enraged Dalton pulls the hunting knife out of his body and runs outside to his Mercedes. When next seen, the car is barreling towards Wesley's mansion at breakneck speed. Wesley's henchmen armed with shotguns, fire repeatedly at it and it crashes and burns spectacularly.

They approach the car and pull the door open, as Ketchum, a henchman with a suspiciously empty knife sheath on his belt, looks inside, only to find it empty, with the knife used to kill Wade holding the accelerator down. Taking charge, Ketchum orders Pat and the others to find Dalton and kill him, revealing himself as Wade's murderer by re-appropriating the knife and sticking it into its sheath.

He heads off to the house and discovers, one by one, the other henchmen all knocked unconscious. Stalking through the mansion with his shotgun, Ketchum enters the living room, where he suddenly senses Dalton behind him. He spins, and Dalton kicks the shotgun aside and grabs it. They wrestle over the weapon until Dalton flips Ketchum over onto the floor. Relieved of his weapon, Ketchum fights Dalton hand-to-hand, but after a moment Ketchum remembers he has a knife.

He slashes at Dalton, who kicks the knife from the henchman's hand, sending it flying into the air. He grabs Ketchum's throat, grabs the knife by the handle as it comes back down, and then rams it into Ketchum's stomach.

"Tails again!"

Some grievous misuse of Ketchum's corpse follows as Dalton uses him for a human shield when Pat appears and fires his shotgun, swinging Ketchum around to take the hit.