Katscratch is a drug smuggler (catnip specifically) and former associate of the ruthless Mac and Molly Mange who looks vaguely like Marlon Brando if Marlon Brando were a chubby cat gangster. When Mac and Molly go missing following an ill-advised prison escape attempt, Katscratch takes over their gang.

Sometime later, the duo reappear at the mob's old tuna factory hideout, alive and well. But as fellow gangster Fango points out, there's something a little "off" about them. Their voices sound oddly robotic and their eyes glow an eerie red color. For no other reason than to give themselves a dramatic reveal, they rip off their own faces, which are revealed to lifelike masks, revealing they've been converted into robots called the Metallikats following their untimely deaths in the ocean.

Despite an initial gasp of shock, Katscratch is otherwise both unimpressed and unafraid. When Molly asks what he thinks of their "complete makeover," he simply responds, "I thinkse youse two shoulda stayed dead! It's my mob now, and you guys are history!"


"Youse guys ain't fit to be my manicurists!"

So saying, he draws a laser pistol and shoots at them a few times, which accomplishes nothing escept to put holes in their suits. Mac responds to this by aiming his arm-mounted laser weapon at Katscratch and firing. Struck in the chest, Katscratch goes flying backwards across the hideout, turning a burnt brown color and crashing violently into a pile of crates, which collapse down over on top of him.




A visualization of what indigestion feels like.

As the other gangsters gather around to gawk, we see his hand sticking rigidly out from behind the crates, smoking, burnt and unmoving, to hammer home just how dead he is.


Don't worry, kids, he's fine!

Definitely one of the more violent deaths in SWAT Kats.