Josh is a character in the movie "The Blair Witch Project". He was played by Joshua Leonard.

Death Edit

In 1994, he together with fellow students and filmmakers Heather and Mike decides to film a documentary about the Blair Witch. As the group walks through the woods where the which is living according to the legend, they see several weird things, such as stickmen and seven piles of rocks. After Josh accidentally destroys one of the piles, Heather repairs it and they all escape. Soon afterwards, the group looses their map and gets lost. After a few days wandering around in the woods while almost going crazy, the group gets attacked in their tent and the next morning, Josh's belongings is covered with blue slime. The next day again, Josh disappears and after a while he is heard screaming in pain and horror. His friends goes looking for him, but doesn't find him. Heather later on finds some of his teeth, blood and a little hair inside the rests of his shirt, hinting that something terrible happened to him. They later hear him scream again and follows the sound to an abandoned house where they meet the same unfortunate fate as Josh did.