Jeff (Jeffrey) is a character in Friday the 13th part 2. He was one of the victims of Jason Voorhees.

Death Edit

Jeff and his girlfriend Sandra Dier attends Paul Holt's counselour training program in a camp not far away from Camp Crystal Lake. After arriving to the camp, they learn the legend about Jason and his mother, and the next day Sandra decides that they should visit the camp, however, they are captured by the police before they can do so. Later in the film, Paul offers one last night of fun, but Jeff and Sandra is not allowed to go because of the incident with the police earlier. After arm-wrestling fellow student Mark, he and Sandra goes upstairs to have sex. After it, Jason suddenly enters the room holding Ted's spear (the one he used when playing Jason), and before Sandra could warn Jeff who was on top of her, Jason took the spear and drove it through Jeff's back, into Sandra's belly and then through the bed and into the floor, killing them both. His body was later seen hanging with the bedsheets behind the door of the room where another student named Vickie found it before she was killed herself.