Jean is a character in the swedish christmas calendar "Mysteriet på Greveholm" and it's sequel.

Death Edit

In the 1700's, Jean was the butler of Greven who lived in the castle Greveholm, while his ghost friend Staffan was the horsekeeper. Greven (The Count in english) wanted a wife, but couldn't get one because he was greedy, mean, old and grumpy and therefore he forced Jean to paint his picture in order to send it out in sweden, hoping that a girl would see his picture and fall in love with him. One day, a human looking alien princess landed on the castlegrounds in her rocket, with the alibity to do the most wonderful things. The Count falls in love with her, but the princess declined, telling the count that she only was visiting the planet. However, the Count wouldn't take a no and locked her in inside her rocket and told her that he wouldn't let her out until she agreed to marry him. He also destroyed "SPRAK", the robot needed to start the rocket in order to prevent her from escaping the castle.

Jean and Staffan didn't like what the Count was doing and armed themselves with a sword (Jean) and a bow with arrow (Staffan) and decided to try to talk him into release the princess. However, as they entered, The Count quickly murdered them both (despite his old age) by stabbing Jean through the stomac with his sword and by pressing the arrow right through Staffan's head. This turned them into ghosts while the Count later was turned into a skeleton ghost.

In the sequel, it was reaveled that Jean was the son of the Count, however, the Count never married Jean's mother, and therefore Jean wasn't anything in The Count's eyes.