Jacques Griselle is a French-Canadian resident of Winthrop, Manitoba. Like most of the residents of the town, he is a farmer who doesn't like the new US Air Force base. The constantly taking off and landing planes disrupt the Canadians' cows, those belonging to Jacques and his sister Barbara in particular.

In an effort to prove the connection between the American planes and the disrupted milk production on his farm, Jacques sneaks to the perimeter fence of Interceptor Command Experimental Station No. 6 to record the takeoff and landing times of the Air Force aircraft. Unbeknownst to him, there's a Air Force MP having a smoke break a few feet away who doesn't notice him.

But the MP is about to be the least of Jacques' worries.

As he's jotting something down in his little notebook, unaware of just how close he is to getting caught if that smoking MP decides to move a few feet to his right, he hears a bizarre thudding heartbeat noise accompanied by a bizarre schlurking, schlorping sound...


What's that noise, eh?

At the fence, the MP hears it, too, and stalks forward with his rifle cautiously. As he nears where Jacques is, the heartbeat sound rises in tempt to a feverish drumming sound that frankly is unsettling, and the schlurking noises become more and more frantic as we hear... something... being sucked up as if through a straw, followed by a piercing, high-pitched shriek of dying pain and fear.


Our friend the MP wonders if investigating unknown X-Files type stuff is covered by his job description.

The MP picks up the pace - but freezes as he emerges through the bushes and finds Jacques lying dead on the ground as the title comes up.


Oh no! What could've done this?


Hmm, I think the title is trying to tell us who the killer is.

Although Jacques died offscreen, even if he'd been killed where the MP could see it, he wouldn't have seen much, merely, as we'll soon see, the bizarre sight of Jacques twisting around in circles as he struggles fiercely with... nothing!

And as to how he died, well, that's to come later. For although Jacques' grief-stricking sister Barbara and the churlish Mayor Hawkins refuse to allow Air Force doctors (or anyone) to perform an autopsy, the relatives of Ben and Amelia Adams are a little more accomodating.