Jack Dawson is a character in the 1997 movie Titanic (1997) played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Jack Dawson

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Jack Dawson wins his tickets for Titanic in Poker, and together with his friend Fabrizio, he runs aboard Titanic in the last second. Aboard, he and Fabrizio befriends Tommy Ryan and he later meets Rose whom he falls in love with. He stays at the ship as it sinks, and after that, he and Rose finds a door in the water, which only has enough strength to hold one of them, so Jack decides to stay in the cold water. A few hours later, a lifeboat returns to collect survivors from the water only to discover that most of them has frozen to death. As Rose spots the lifeboat nearby, she tries to wake up Jack, only to discover that he has frozen to death holding her hand. Heartbroken, she lets his body sink to the occean floor, but not before promising him one more time to never let go. She then succeds to get into the lifeboat and goes on to live a long life thanks to Jack's sacrifise.

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  • This death is considered one of the most touching hero deaths together with Mufasa from The Lion King.

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