The helicopter pilot (named "Joe" in the comic book adaptation) is the man who flies the helicopter belonging to Colonel Jorgensen's soldiers. Early on, the pilot solidifies his bad guy status by attempting to strafe a herd of African deer in order to "persuade" Sheena to surrender.

He gets his much-deserved comeuppance while playing a key role in Countess Zanda's plot to kill Sheena by having him fly them to a waterfall where Zanda will shove Sheena out to her death.

Things don't go exactly as planned and soon the helicopter is being attacked by a flock of angry flamingoes under the telepathic control of Sheena.

Although Zanda simply falls out, the pilot has a much more elaborate demise. First, he has his eyes pecked out by the flamingoes' beaks, and during this moment, Sheena leaps to safety in the branches of a tree. Now he is completely blind, the pilot can't see where the heck he's going, and he flies the copter right in to a cliff, where it explodes.