Grizzard is a geologist who works at the Tigoran Ministry of Resources, and is somehow or another connected to Prince Otwani's nefarious scheme to assassinate the King. Grizzard's sole contribution to the plot is telling Otwani that Gudjara Mountain is rich in titanium. He thereafter becomes expendable to both Otwani and the story, making his big dramatic death scene pointless.

Grizzard foolishly thinks he can blackmail Otwani into giving him some shut-up money, forcing Otwani to take steps to get rid of him. Throughout his introduction scene Grizzard is shown coughing up a lung (which might have something to do with the fact he is apparently a chain smoker), so Otwani gives him a suspicious bottle of pills for his cough, advising him to take them with a meal.

A short time later, we find Grizzard eating lunch at an outdoor cafe in Azan, and as per Otwani's advice, he takes one of the pills. Immediately he begins convulsing, and then slumps over onto the table bug-eyed before rolling off and lying dead on the ground with a surprised expression on his face.

His death is made even more pointless by the fact none of the other patrons seem to notice or care.