Batman is having a bad day. His attempt to strafe the Joker ended in the villain pulling a revolver with an insanely long barrel and somehow using it to shoot down the Batwing. It goes down in flames.

Batman manages to extract himself from the fiery wreckage and stumble after his enemy, who has kidnapped Vicki Vale, taking her to the belltower of an old church to await the arrival of his helicopter.

At the top, Batman finds the belfry deserted, until... "It can be truly said that I have a bat in my belfry!" the Joker's voice booms.

"Shall we dance?"

He is suddenly attacked by a slew of goons. Where they come from specifically is never touched upon; they're just there for Batman to fight.

He defeats the first one easily.

The second, Lawrence, essentially kills himself accidentally.

It is while Batman is standing flabbergasted at what just happened to his second opponent that the third and final goon, an enormous, musclebound man, comes charging from the shadows and tackles him. The two fight, and unlike the other goons so far, this one proves more than a match for the Dark Knight, punching and throwing him and even using an old rope and pulley to beat him. Batman does his best to block the goon's attacks and get a few punches of his own in, but due to his injuries and the other man's size and stamina, he finds himself swiftly losing. Even climbing atop the remaining bell to get the advantage of higher ground over his opponent fails: when he leaps down, the big goon just catches him and tosses him through the wall.

All throughout the fight, the Joker, by the way, is forcing Vicki to dance with him at gunpoint while they wait for the copter. Why? Because's the Joker, that's why, and nothing he does makes sense to anyone except him.

Extracting Batman from the wall, the goon drags him over and kicks him, sending him thudding against the bell. The bell tilts back and Batman slides down it and out of sight, apparently falling to his death. The goon crouches down and peers over the edge to see, only to discover that Batman is hanging onto the ledge. Before he can react, Batman swings up and uses his thighs to grab the goon's neck, dragging him forward and over the edge. The huge man bangs his head against the bell with a gonging sound and then pitches forwards. Batman releases him and he promptly cannonballs screaming down the shaft.