Gold Glasses, so nicknamed because he wears gold-rimmed glasses, is the ringleader of the Swiss assassins working for Fritz Koenig. He also moonlights as a bank teller.

After some chasing around Zurich, he and the other assassins finally capture Jason Bourne outside of a safehouse, led there by Marie St. Jacques who thinks they are cops and Bourne is a serial killer.

Gold Glasses quickly sets her straight by ordering Johann to take her away and kill her. Left alone with Bourne, Gold Glasses gets to show us what kind of stuff he's made of. And it's pure nasty.

Earlier we'd seen him not bat an eye at accidentally gunning down two bystanders in his initial attempt to kill Bourne (one of whom was one of his own fellow assassins), and now, as Bourne attempts to bribe him, he smugly turns him down.

"Whatever you're getting paid, I'll double it," Bourne tells him. "You work at the bank, you know I can do it."

"I wouldn't touch your money!" Gold Glasses sneers.

"Money's money," Bourne opines. "Why not?"

Gold Glasses is bemused and smirks. "Are you serious? Wealth is relative to the time we have to enjoy it. I wouldn't last five minutes."

With that little bit of the assassin's creed out of the way, Gold Glasses then, out of spite, has the Gigantic Man break Bourne's fingers by slamming them in a car door before they stuff him into their Volvo and speed off. Unfortunately, they failed to properly frisk him, and Bourne has a snubnosed revolver in his sock. Although Gold Glasses realizes what is happening, and yells a warning, the Gigantic Man is shot dead before he can react.

Bourne tackles Gold Glasses, who is driving, and wrestles for control of the steering wheel from the backseat. The Volvo drives wildly out of control and finally sideswipes a trolley, and the bespectacled assassin is pitched into the passenger seat. We see Bourne climb up front and hear two gunshots, but strangely Gold Glasses' death occurs entirely below the dashboard and our view. That accomplished, Bourne drives off to find and save Marie. At one point, in a darkly humorous bit, he realizes he's driving with two corpses in the car, and makes a pitstop to shove the bodies of out of the Volvo. The last we see of Gold Glasses, he's lying in a heap alongside the Gigantic Man, without his trademark eyewear.