George Jetson is a character, orginally from The Jetsons who appeared (and was killed) in the Robot Chicken sketches "Unsolved Case Files: I, Rosie" from 2005 and "Aliens meet the Jetsons" from 2013.

Death 1 Edit

In the first sketch with the Jetsons, George Jetson is killed when he falls from the Jetsons home to the ground (a giant fall). This murder is the main plot of the sketch, and it's never reaveled who did it.

Death 2 Edit

In the other sketch, Elroy Jetson brings home a alien egg from the movie series "Alien" and it soon hatches a facehugger. The next day, Elroy tells the family that it slept on his face all night and that it was dead when he woke up. Suddenly, a chestburster bursts out from Elroy's body, killing him. After George fails to catch it (due to it escaping into a air vent), it returns as a fully grown monster and roars at George who at the moment was unaimed. George tried to hit the monster using a newspaper, the monster killed him by eating him.