'Fabrizio 'De Rossi is a character in the 1997 movie Titanic (1997) played by Danny Nucci.

Fabrizio De Rossi

Character Death Edit

Fabrizio is the italian friend of Jack Dawson and together with Jack, he wins tickets to Titanic thanks to a lucky hand of poker and runs aboard in the last second. At the sinking, his friend Tommy Ryan accidentally gets shot by First Officer Murdroch who thought that Tommy tried to board a lifeboat when he in reality was pushed forwards by a man. After Tommy dies of his injuries, Fabrizio takes his lifejacket and then tries to cut down a lifeboat with his knife. However, a huge wave washes him away from it, and he is nearly sucked into the windows of Titanic, however he manages to free himself and starts to swim towards a lifeboat. As he swims, the giant funnel loses it's support and starts to fall. Hearing people scream franctiaclly behind him, he turns around just in time to see the funnel falling thowards him, and before he could swim away, he was crushed to death by it.

Alternative Deaths Edit

In the orginal script, Fabrizio wasn't killed by the smokestack, instead, he remained alive until the ship had sunk, and when he tried to enter a lifeboat, he was clubbed in the head with an oar by Cal, cutting open his scalp. After Cal sarcastically tells Fabrizio to swim to his destination (America), Fabizio dies of his injuries.

In another version, he wasn't crushed by the smokestack, but was sucked down and drowned by the power of the sinking ship.

Trivia Edit

  • Fabrizio was played by Danny Nucci.
  • A rumor circulates around the web that the funnel missed Fabrizio, and that he instead either survived or died of hypothermia.

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