Dr. James Harvey is a character from Casper (1995) played by Bill Pullman.

Death Edit

Dr. James Harvey is a famous ghost therapist who travels around the world to find the ghost of his wife who passed away from an unknown illness. Together with his teenage daughter Kat, he moves into Wipstaff Manor after he was hired by the main villian Carrigan to drive out the ghosts inside the manor. While Kat befriends one of the ghosts, the friendly ghost Casper, his three rude brothers spooks Dr. Harvey. After a while, the ghosts takes Dr. Harvey out for a happy hour at a nightclub. Later on, the ghosts considers to kill Dr. Harvey so he can join the gang, but when Dr. Harvey tells them (although in a drunken state) that he won't drive them out from the castle, they realize that they like him too much to just simply murder him. After drinking some more, Dr. Harvey heads for the exit and tells the ghosts that they will visit every single pub in the whole town. As he opens the door, he walks backwards facing the ghosts. Despite their attempt to warn him, he falls to his death into a open trench.

Later on, after Carrigan is killed and tricked into crossing over, Dr. Harvey returns as a ghost, still drunk and appearntly not understanding that he is dead. When Kat finally makes him remember, he is sad when he realizes what he had done to himself. However, Casper lets him use the Lazarus, a machine built to bring ghosts back to life, giving up his own chances to become human again in the process, since it only has the power to bring back one human.

By using the machine, Dr. Harvey is bought back to life again and is saved from death.