Dr. Frassi is a doctor living during the Nazi occupation of Italy who is sympathetic to the partisans. When a group of young children, the sole survivors of the village of Reanoto, rescue American soldier Turner from a German ambush, the boys' leader, Aldo, comes to Frassi for medical assistance. However, partisan leader Scarpi is at Frassi's office and demands to know where Turner is - needing him to complete a mission to destroy the Della Norte Dam.

Scarpi and Aldo have some ugly history, it seems, and Frassi attempts to play mediator, begging Aldo to reveal Turner's location, but Aldo has his own plans for the American.

He ultimately pretends to agree to lead the two adults to Turner, but only because his friends Carlo and Silvio, keeping watch outside, alert him to the approach of German soldiers led by Captain von Hecht through the use of birdcalls. As the three prepare to leave, Aldo suddenly shoves them aside and escapes out the back window, essentially abandoning them to die when German soldiers Hermann and Ehrlich burst in with machine guns blazing. Both Frassi and Scarpi are quickly cut down and killed.