Doris is an character in the danish computer animated movie Terkel in Trouble.

Death Edit

Doris is a bully victim at Terkels school, often called "Fläsk-Doris" (In English: Fat-Doris), and is bullied by school bullies Sten and Saki for being extremly obese. One day, she reveals that she has a crush on Terkel, however, Terkel (who also was bullied by Sten and Saki because his uncle beated them up) tries to be cool in front of Sten and Saki by insulting and inwillingly bulling her, hoping to be able to explain his behavior later. However, Terkel never gets the chance to explain himself, as Doris threws herself out through the window and falls to her death from the third floor, causing her blood to splat on some students outside the school.