Danny is Mason Storm's physical therapist at the hospital. He inadvertently saves Storm's life when he takes him from the coma ward to give him a massage. He seems like a decent fellow, offering to "hook [Storm] up with some pizza." As he's wheeling Storm's bed back down the hall he finds Jack Axel crouching over the prone form of Russ the security guard.

Axel, briefly reverting back to pretending to be a doctor, calls Danny over, asking for his assistance in tending to Russ. Storm, recognizing Axel as one of his crooked former colleages from the LAPD, immediately begins attempting to get himself into a nearby elevator by grabbing a handy mop from a janitor's cart nearby.

As Danny crouches next to Axel, he asks what's wrong with Russ. Reverting back to "generic bad guy" mode, Axel replies, "He's dead," and shoots the shocked Danny. But even though he's dead, Danny has again unintentionally saved Storm's life, because it's while Axel is killing Danny that Storm manages to use the precious few seconds to get himself into the elevator, and, with the assistance of Andy Stewart, escape to freedom.