Countess Zanda, was formerly the betrothed of King Jabalani and is now the arm-candy of Prince Otwani. She is a fiercely jealous person, and following the capture of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, Zanda bristles when she notices her boyfriend's rather obvious sexual attraction to his captive foe.

Zanda decides to eliminate the competition, as well as soften up the Zamboulis for invasion by Otwani's mercenary army. She puts Sheena into the mercenaries' helicopter gunship and instructs the pilot to fly over Sheena's village and get the attention of the tribe, then lead them to a nearby waterfall where Zanda intends to shove Sheena out to her death on the rocks below.

Since Sheena is the protector of the Zamboulis, this would be, needless to say, severely demoralizing for them. But Zanda failed to count on Sheena's ability to make telepathic contact with animals. Under the pretense that the helicopter's engines are giving her a headache, she concentrates hard and summons a flock of flamingoes from the nearby "Lake of Birds," who swarm the helicopter and peck viciously at Zanda and the pilot.

The pilot, too busy trying to fend off the avian marauders, isn't really flying the helicopter and so Hawk One tips too far to one side, dumping Zanda out before she has a chance to grab onto anything. She screams as she plunges down into the waterfall, dying precisely the same death she had intended for Sheena.