Colonel Jorgensen is the leader of Prince Otwani's mercenary army; an evil military man of apparently South African origin with stark white hair who is about as cold and calculating as these kind of guys get.

After surviving the climactic battle between his men and the Zamboulis, Jorgensen slips away into the jungle, but does not realize that Chief Haromba has seen him flee and is giving chase. Jorgensen stops to reload his pistol. He's only managed to get one bullet into the cylinder when Haromba appears and puts the blade of his spear to Jorgensen's throat.

"Z'Kuru!" Haromba declares, which was a village the soldiers had attacked and destroyed earlier in the film.

Jorgensen responds by snapping the cylinder back into the revolver and aiming it at Haromba, pulling the trigger. Unfortunately, that chamber is empty and the gun clicks emptily.

Having missed his chance to kill Haromba, Jorgensen attempts to reason with him: "I was only following orders," he protests.

Haromba simply says, "For Z'Kuru!" and stabs the blade of the spear into Jorgensen's Adam’s apple. Once Jorgensen is dead, Haromba pulls the spear free and departs, leaving Jorgensen's corpse to slump down into a sitting position.