Carl is a character in the movie Ghost from 1990, in which he is the main villain. He was portrayed by Tony Goldwyn.

Death Edit

In the final fight scene of the film, Carl tries to kill Molly (Demi Moore) and Oda Mae (Whoopi Goldberg) because they know that Carl is the brain behind the scheme that killed main character Sam (Patrick Swayze) who was the boyfriend of Molly. However, Carl did not intend to kill Sam, just that the thug (who killed him) should steal a important thing Sam had. When chasing for Molly and Oda Mae, he gets distracted by Sam who uses all his ghost powers to stop him, although he is weekened because he used Oda Mae's body to dance with Molly one last time. In order to get Sam away, but cannot see him and throws a old dangling hook while trying to crawl out through an open window. However, the hook misses Sam and instead smashes the window, and before Carl can move away, a huge glass piece impales him to the windowsill, killing him.

Seconds later, he emerges as a ghost and his chocked (and almost a little happy) to see Sam, but then realizes that he is a ghost just like him. Just as he realizes that, a couple of demons appears and drags his soul off to hell while Sam is watching.