Berkeley is the third and final British traitor out of the original three. He and his pal Olaf Christiansen, fearing facing a firing squad in England if taken back alive and having witnessed how ruthlessly Smith disposed of their comrade Lee Thomas, have made an attempt to escape from the Schloss Adler - and Smith and Schaffer - by swiping a cable car and trying to make it down to the village at the foot of the mountain.

Smith followed by jumping atop the cable car roof, and our two villains now obligingly climb up to try and fight him. Berkeley gets taken out of the fight early with a pickax to the arm, retreating back inside the relative safety of the car clutching his profusely bleeding arm.

Above, Christiansen continues fighting Smith and ultimately is sent careening to his death by him. Continuing his ruthless streak, Smith, having seen another (empty) cable car coming in the opposite direction, hurriedly plants a bomb on the roof of the first car, then leaps onto the passing one, and safety.

Berkeley, apparently woozy from blood loss, neither seems to notice or care, until he's consumed by an explosion which blows the cable car off of its track, which proceeds to plummet several thousand feet into the valley below, taking Berkeley's presumably very crispy remains with it.