Captain Needa is the Imperial officer who commands the Star Destroyer Avenger. Darth Vader tasks him with hunting down and capturing the Millennium Falcon, and despite some early promise, he fails miserably.

First, he loses them when the Falcon flies into a conveniently placed asteroid field.

Then, when they come out again, the Avenger loses them a second time when the Falcon mysteriously vanishes from the Avenger's scopes.


Needa realizes he's screwed.

Just when Needa is thinking his day cannot get any worse, Darth Vader picks this precise moment to contact him and demand a report.

Little knowing that the Millennium Falcon is actually clinging to the Avenger's hull, Needa takes a shuttle over to Vader's flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor, to apologize. Vader forgives Needa... but only after he has choked the life out of him with the Force.


"Lord Vader... ack... I need a... l-lozenge..."


Needa dead.

He then signals for two Imperial guards in goofy oversized helmets to come and drag his carcass off. Oh well. He still died with more dignity than most henchmen who fail.