Following the killing of all of the high-ranking Nazis at the Schloss Adler by Smith and Schaffer, they're left with what to do with the three traitors Lee Thomas, Olaf Christiansen and Ted Berkeley.

Thoroughly cowed, the three immediately surrender and are tied up by General Carnaby - who is in reality an American actor named Cartwright Jones posing as Carnaby, another facet of Smith's complicated scheme - and dragged along with the group as they try to escape the castle. Exactly why Smith insists they bring the three becomes apparent when the group finds themselves trapped in an upstairs radio room. Schaffer failed to kill a German radio operator before he sounded an alarm, and now the entirety of the SS is hellbent on getting our heroes.

Schaffer holds them off as best as he can, exchanging gunfire with the Nazis and throwing their grenades back at them, but it becomes clear that their current situation is untenable, as more and more Nazis keep coming, faster than Schaffer can kill them.

Getting an idea, Smith orders everyone to duck into a closet. Everyone, that is, except for Thomas, who he unties and moves over to the radio room window.

He tosses a rope out and orders the man to climb. But he isn't letting Thomas go. Not at all. Instead, he's displaying the same ruthless streak we saw Schaffer exhibit earlier. Thomas complies, and climbs out of the window and starts scurrying down the rope.

As he does, Smith runs and hides in the closet with the others.

Realizing nobody is shooting back at them, the Nazis storm the radio room to find it empty. Seeing the rope, the lead SS officer goes to the window and looks down. Seeing Thomas, he grabs an MP40 from a nearby corporal, and fires down at him. Poor Thomas doesn't stand a chance. Hit multiple times, he lets go of the rope and falls down the side of the cliff to his doom.

His purpose served, the Nazis run out, allowing Smith, Schaffer and the others to vamoose. But in addition to the Nazis quickly realizing they've been had and doubling back, the remaining two traitors are beginning to see just how disposable they are to their captors, and might just be planning something of their own.