Bruno is a character from the 2008 movie The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Death Edit

Bruno is a young boy whose father gets premoted in the nazi army. Together with his family, he moves out to the countryside where he befriends a strange boy wearing a pyjamas.

At the end, he sneaks into the camp with Schumel to look for his father. As they walk through the camp, they accidentally gets mixed up with a group of people going to the gas chambers. After removing their clothes, they are pushed into the gas chambers where a soldier pours Zyklon B. At the same time, Bruno's parents realize that he's missing and finds his clothes outside the fence. While watching the solider about to pull on the gas, his father realizes what's happening and runs as fast as he can. When he finally arrives, he realizes that it is too late and calls out his son's name loud in dismay. This makes his mother and sister understand, that Bruno and Schumel died of the gas chambers, along with the other jews.