Guarding the border between the United States and Mexico isn't all fun and games as these two border guards discover to their misfortune. Seeing a large covered truck driving towards the border the pair hop into their Ford Bronco and give chase, eventually stopping the truck.

Getting out with their revolvers drawn, they instruct all of the illegal immigrants to emerge and surrender. Said immigrants comply, and although they looks harmless enough that the two guards holster their guns, we recognize them as the terrorists from the Colombian courthouse earlier.

Sure enough one of the last men out is Jack Thorpe, armed with a high-powered rifle. He shoots both guards dead.

Now, apparently simply shooting them isn't enough, because, under Luis Cali's supervision and Jack's instructions, the other terrorists put the bodies in the Bronco, pour gasoline on them, then plant some C4 on the dashboard. Once the terrorists' truck is a safe distance down the road, Jack activates a remote detonator, blowing the dead border guards and their car to smithereens.