Barry Cartwright is the sleazy owner of the Glen Canyon country club and golf course, and the tyrannical boss of down-and-out firefighting cadet Wayne Gray. During a party at the country club, Barry sneaks away with an unnamed woman to, as he phrases it, "make whoopee" on the golf course. Or rather, he heads out before she does and begins setting up a picnic on the green near a water hazard.

While awaiting the arrival of his lady friend, Barry attempts to open a bottle of champagne and ends up spilling some onto his no doubt expensive dress pants. He then goes down to the water hazard and wets a handkerchief, hoping to clean his pants leg before the drink stains it, little knowing that one of the film's alien menaces (dubbed a "triphibian" in behind-the-scenes information about the film) is lurking beneath the water.

In fact, Barry is actually distracted from seeing it by the arrival of his lady friend nearby. When Barry turns back towards the water, the creature explodes from beneath the surface and chases Barry across the green. It manages to grab hold of his leg and drags the unfortunate millionaire back down into the water. As he gets dragged, Barry digs his fingers into the grass in an attempt to prevent the monster from taking him, leaving long finger-marks.

His demise occurs off-screen from this point on, but it is witnessed by his girlfriend who then runs back into the country club and screams amidst the partygoers, "Something just ate Barry Cartwright!" Serving as bartender at the shindig, Wayne feigns remorse: "That's too bad..."