Barranca is a character in Raiders of the Lost Ark played by Vic Tablian.


Indiana Jones' other treacherous Peruvian guide (where does he get these bozos?), Barranca hear is somehow bother smarter and stupider than his friend Satipo. He's stupider in that he tries to doublecross Indy before they've even entered the temple, but unlike Satipo, he's smart enough to pull a really big gun.

Unfortunately for him, Indy apparently has the greatest hearing on Earth, and, hearing the sound of Barranca cocking the gun, turns and whips it out of the hand, where of course it dramatically discharges upon hitting the ground. In time-honored villain fashion, Barranca clutches his wrist in pain and fury and promptly takes off.

Indy promptly forgets about him until after finally escaping from the temple, he encounters a group of native warriors, who are apparently being led by Barranca... only the real leader to be revealed as none other than Indy's old rival Belloq.

As for Barranca, his troubles are over, as he is revealed to be dead but still somehow standing up, whereupon he falls forward in a truly impressive face-plant... with what must be the world record for poison darts imbedded in his back.

Alternative EndingsEdit

  • In the comic book adaptation, Barranca survives.